What Can I Do to Improve the Energy Efficiency of My Home and EPC Rating in 2023?

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There are many inexpensive and easy methods to increase the energy efficiency. This includes installing high-performance glass and solar panels, as well as installing solar panels or ground source heat pump and insulating solid walls. If you’re interested in learning more about the energy saving options that are available, read the information below.

Energy Efficient Window Glazing

Energy efficient double glazing for windows and doors

Old windows lose as much as 40% the heat and are a major cause of loss in heat. When you install new, high-performance windows that improves your energy performance of your house and increase the EPC rating. This type of glass is becoming increasingly popular since it reduces the loss of heat through windows. It is priced between £2k to £5k dependent on the size of your home.

High-performance windows can increase its EPC rating on your home , and help reduce energy costs. It’s also a fantastic option to lower the carbon footprint of your home and contribute to a more sustainable society. The government has set a goal of homes to achieve the EPC rating that is either C or D in 2022.

It is important to know your EPC rating is crucial in the event that you intend selling, renting or purchase a home. It gives you an accurate image of how efficient your house is, and also what changes you can implement to increase the energy efficiency. It is the EPC rating is based on A to G, with A is the most efficient and G being the most inefficient. In the UK the typical EPC rating was D and the majority of homes fall in the D-band.

Before replacing your windows make sure to check with the local planning office in case one of these applies to your property

  • Your property is in a conservation area.
  • You’ve got an article 4 directive on your property, and you have to remove the right to permit development.
  • You reside in a listed building

Solid Wall Insulation

In addition, increasing the insulation quality of your solid wall home can improve the EPC rating along with energy efficiency. But you must be aware that insulating walls isn’t as easy as filling the gaps with insulation. You’ll have to think about the amount of moisture in your walls and the weather conditions of the area. When your wall is damp, then you’ll want modify the design of your insulation to account for this.

Solid walls with insulation can be sprayed internally or externally in order to enhance the thermal efficiency of walls. The typical application is on nine-inch thick brick walls. This kind of wall insulation can boost the property’s EPC rating by as much as 20 points. Additionally, it can lower your heating expenses and make your home more attractive to prospective tenants.

However, it’s essential to realize that traditional solid-wall construction isn’t easy and can result in various problems. The insulation of walls can affect the appearance of a structure and increase the severity of existing or cause new problems with moisture. Some homeowners may not wish to change the look of their walls. In these cases, other strategies could be a feasible alternative.

Install Solar Panels

Man shows his family the solar panels on the plot near the house during a warm day

Installing solar panel systems can create an enormous impact on your energy performance of your house. They can cut down your electric bills by half , and reduce the carbon footprint of your home by as much as 80 percent in the course of a year. Additionally the sun’s energy is an energy energy source that isn’t prone to run out as do other types of energy. They’re also easy to maintain and do not generate any sound. They can increase property value. house.

A EPC rating will be an measurement of the degree of energy efficient your house is. The most recent homes will have An EPC rating either B or C however older properties will fall in lower band. It is recommended to take an energy assessment from a certified energy assessor if you’re thinking of getting solar panels. This will provide an estimate of the extent to which the installation will improve the value of your EPC rating.

Along with increasing your EPC rating In addition, installing solar panels can increase its value. house. The panels can bring up to 4 percent to your home’s value. This is particularly beneficial for those who plan to sell your house in the near future. Additionally the installation of solar panels will help make your home more energy efficient, and will reduce the carbon footprint.

Installing a Ground Source Heat Pump

If you’re thinking of installing the ground source heat pump to boost effectiveness of the home and increase your EPC rating it is important to understand the basics. Ground-source heat pumps function by extracting heat from ground, which is warm all through the year. They’re usually installed just a few feet underground and recharge themselves by absorbing sunlight, which is a source of thermal energy. This allows them to hold heateven in the coldest of winter months.

While installing a ground-source heat pump is costly but the savings over time could be worth the expense. They can help you save between 25 to 50 percent off the cost of cooling and heating and can quickly justify the initial expenditure. You can also pair your solar panel system with solar panels to boost the savings you make.

Heat pumps from ground sources are offered in a variety of prices. Certain models are more affordable than others, while certain models offer greater efficiency than other models. There are a variety of brands of these heat pump that are available in the UK and include Baxi, Mitsubishi, and Calorex.


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