Does London Really Have the Most Energy Efficient Homes in the UK?

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Compared to other areas of the UK, London has some of the most highly rated housing. A recent study found that five London Boroughs ranked top for energy efficiency. These areas included Tower Hamlets, Bexley, London, Hackney, and Greenwich.

The study also found that there were some differences in the proportion of homes between areas. For example, Wales had a higher proportion of homes that were older than the national average. These results are not indicative of all homes in the UK.

It is also worth remembering that not all homes have EPCs. These certificates measure how energy is used in the building and display the potential energy efficiency rating. This information can help buyers understand the sustainability of their real estate investment.

The government has committed to improve Energy Performance Certificates. It plans to have all homes rated as C by 2028, but some landlords may have to get their properties rated before then.

The cost of living crisis is hitting London hard. Groceries, petrol and transport costs are all increasing. Taking steps to improve energy efficiency can help reduce your fuel bills.

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The analysis of energy specialists BOXT has revealed that 73% of homes located in Tower Hamlets have energy performance ratings of C or higher, which is the highest for all local authorities in the nation. This is 33% more than the average for the country and 10% more over London’s City of London, which places second.

Hackney, Southwark and Greenwich are also among the top 10 boroughs in terms of the highest energy efficiency, with 58%, 57% and 57% of homes respectively that have the energy performance rating C or better.

The results are similar to the findings that were reported by Trust for London, which earlier in the year concluded that homes that were located outside London had a higher likelihood to have low energy efficiency ratings when compared to inner London.

The homes located in Kingston-upon-Thames along with Richmond-upon-Thames were identified to have the worst energy efficiency with a mean rating of lower band D.

Richmond Upon Thames rated one of the lowest energy efficient Boroughs in London

Richmond Upon Thames rated one of the lowest energy efficient Boroughs in London

As per Trust for London, homes located in the outlying areas of London are more likely be less energy efficiency since they are older and thus more likely not to have insulation as homes in densely constructed “new build heavy” inner London boroughs.

Things like better insulation for walls and lofts as well as triple or double-glazed windows, and heat pumps could all help to create more energy efficiency of your home. The analysis released by BOXT is released just one month prior to that the energy prices are scheduled to be increased by averaging per household energy bill expected to go up to £3,549.

London has more than six times the amount of community heating schemes than any other region of the country, with 16 percent of homes dependent on these schemes to heat their properties.

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